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What we do

We build financial capability to equip the retirees of today and tomorrow. 

The Commission is an autonomous crown entity (ACE). This means we report to the government, but the legislation ensures we have independence. We are government (and therefore taxpayer) funded. As an ACE we report formally on what we’re doing and how it’s working. You'll find those reports here.

Making decisions about what we focus on involves some healthy tensions, such as whether we're here for the retirees of today or tomorrow. The answer is – we are here for both.

Our children and our grandchildren will face some fierce new challenges in their retirement as the population ages and the world around them changes, and we need to equip them to be ready. 

What we do

What we do2


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Financial capability

We improve everyone's financial wellbeing through better financial information and education, so that Kiwis make more informed financial decisions throughout their lives. Read More


Retirement income policy

We conduct independent research and three-yearly reviews of New Zealand’s retirement income policies, and provide information about retirement income issues. Read More

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Retirement villages

We work to ensure that the legislative framework for retirement villages is effective in protecting residents within a well-functioning market, and that operators comply with the law. Read More

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Tools and calculators

Our Sorted website has many tools, calculators and guides to help you on your journey towards a wealthy life. Read More

Upcoming events

Financial Capability Summit

2–3 July

Money Week

31 August–6 September

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Commission for Financial Capability