Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise (aka YES) is a small, lean charity focused on preparing young people to thrive in both business and life. YES engages students in authentic learning experiences that help them to leave school knowing how to manage their money. YES’ renowned flagship programme is The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, where senior secondary students set up and run their own business with real profit and loss. Less well known is that YES works with over 85% of NZ secondary schools to bring enterprise into the classroom by providing curriculum-based resources, project-based learning, teacher training and onsite support. They run a range of facilitated events designed to excite and inspire students, including ‘Extreme Experiences’ for students with an outstanding passion for entrepreneurship. Visit website.

Just Say YES

Just Say YES

Sorted in Schools

Sorted in Schools is the CFFC's financial capability programme in schools and kura. The programme launched its first learning resources for year levels 9-10 for the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) in October 2018. It's the first nationwide programme aligned to the NZC and Māori Medium Education, and will address the current gap in financial capability education in secondary schools. The government chose the CFFC to deliver the four-year programme for all secondary school levels to ensure all students leave school confident about money and how to make it work for them. The CFFC's goal through Sorted in Schools is to equip all young New Zealanders for their financial futures, and to ensure equitable access to financial capability education by 2021. Through the programme, schools and kura will be able to offer students fully funded access to tools and knowledge that will help them live a financially sustainable life.   

To register for the programme and to learn more about Sorted in Schools please visit the website.

Students Schooled Up in Money Skills

Students Schooled Up in Money Skills

Sorted Schools - Takapuna Grammar

Get Savvy on Scams

Get Savvy on Scams is CFFC’s programme to raise awareness on frauds and scams. With New Zealanders reporting losses of $2.1m as a result of frauds and scams between July – September 2017, we know scams are on the increase. These fun, interactive workshops help New Zealanders to protect themselves, family members and clients. Delivered by CFFC’s resident expert Bronwyn Groot, and promoted by Ministry of Social Development's Office for Seniors, the workshops also provide advice on how to recognise a set-up and avoid a scam, and what to do if you discover you have been scammed.

Check out CFFC's Tom Hartmann interviewing 'fraud-buster' Bronwyn Groot.

KiwiSaver Risk Taker Quiz

Thousands of New Zealanders are learning what to do when investment markets rise and fall with the FMA’s new KiwiSaver Risk Taker quiz. Aimed at younger KiwiSaver members who have never experienced a major fall in the value of their investments, the quiz was completed by more than 11,000 people during Money Week 2018. The online quiz reinforces that it’s normal for the value of KiwiSaver investments go up and down, which is why choosing the right fund is important. Short video guides also help educate participants, by urging them to keep contributing and not to switch funds during a downturn.

The Little Black Book of Scams

The Little Black Book of Scams is CFFC's initiative to help New Zealanders become fraud-fighting superheroes. Designed to help protect Kiwis, their families and their money from scammers and fraudsters. The booklet is filled with tips and tricks on how individuals can protect themselves from common scams. To download a copy of the booklet or order hard copies, please visit CFFC's Sorted site

Know Your Rights

In a bid to educate more consumers, the Commerce Commission has translated their “Know Your rights” information into Te Reo Māori, Tongan, Samoan, Chinese, Korean and Indian. Charged with ensuring consumers know their rights under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act and the Fair Trading Act when borrowing money or buying goods or services, the Commerce Commission’s brochure highlights key rights under each Act.

Check out Commerce Commission video footage.

FinCap communities of practice

FinCap acts as a hub for financial mentors around the country by maintaining communities of practice that encourage financial capability and budgeting service providers to collaborate. From the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, FinCap runs twice-yearly workshops in up to 10 locations around the country. These day-long workshops allow service providers and financial mentors to get together, share experiences and listen to expert speakers, which help build consistency in financial capability and budgeting services. FinCap is also developing several communities of practice for Māori and Pacific services.