Community programmes

Managing personal finances is at times stressful and can be isolating for friends, whanau and people in your community. People who are coping financially tend to enjoy better overall wellbeing which has knock-on effects at home and at work.

Increase the financial capability of your community with our Sorted community programmes. These are 6-10 week courses where our facilitators cover a number of topics each week.

Our off-the-shelf programme is designed to get your community up to speed with personal finance and money management. We can also tailor the programmes to your unique needs.


What’s covered


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Spending & Planning Borrowing Money & Knowing your rights Goals, Savings and Money Systems


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KiwiSaver & Buying a house Insurances, Wills and Power of Attorney Looking ahead



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Programme partnerships


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Who our community programmes are for

Local community organisations/NGO’s
Schools to hold programmes for parents
Councils to hold programmes for their community
Sports clubs
Public libraries

Our programmes are great value. They’re only priced to cover operating costs (approx. $3,000 for a 6-week course) and cater for roughly 20-30 people.

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One off Sorted Seminars

Another option is to download the Sorted seminars that are available free, for you to use and deliver in your community.

Each seminar includes a comprehensive facilitator’s guide and presentation.

They take about an hour although we recommend allowing longer for discussion.

Or you may prefer to access our nationwide network of experienced facilitators who can deliver these seminars for you (for a small fee). Here’s a list of Sorted facilitators.

For Sorted Resources (Seminars and Booklets) you can place an order on the SORTED website >>