Train your own facilitators to deliver seminars

From time to time organisations, community groups and/or individuals contact the Commission to run a variety of our programmes in-house within their organisation only. These programmes may vary from one off seminars to 10 week programmes. The Commission are able to help identify and train in-house staff* to facilitate both our one off Sorted seminars and/or our longer term workplace and community programmes. The Commission will work closely with the organisation to replicate our Facilitator Quality Assurance Framework to recruit, train, observe and support in-house Facilitators.

* Fees apply

Alternatively, Sorted's free seminars have been designed for any manager or community group to pick up and run with their teams or community groups. Each seminar includes a comprehensive facilitator’s guide and presentation. They take about an hour although we recommend allowing longer for any discussion.

You can deliver the seminars yourself, or you may wish to use an external facilitator. If you need help with finding a facilitator, here's a list of Sorted facilitators who may be able to help. 

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