National Strategy

What is the National Strategy for Financial Capability?

The National Strategy for Financial Capability is exactly what it says – a strategy to improve New Zealanders' financial capability. The National Strategy is clear and pragmatic with five work streams.

We developed it within the Commission, with the help of our partners across the financial capability system. There are now 93 organisations who are contributing to the National Strategy through their work. Let us know if you would like to be added to our list! 

There are many individuals, agencies, NGOs and corporates working on building financial capability across New Zealand, and the goal of the National Strategy is to galvanise and consolidate efforts. It fosters agreement on goals and work streams and reduces the need for the same but separate conversations in small disparate groups to get to the same point.

Bringing about sustainable behaviour change is a huge task; it’s resource hungry and definitely not for the faint-hearted, but we have a better chance of success with collaboration.

The Commission provides leadership and coordination of the National Strategy and sets the direction for improving financial literacy in New Zealand and achieving a financially capable population. 


The vision of the National Strategy is: Everyone getting ahead financially.

Activity streams

The National Strategy has five activity streams:

  • Talk
  • Learn
  • Plan
  • Debt-smart
  • Save/Invest
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Find out more about the activity streams in the National Strategy document:

National Strategy for Financial Capability 2015 (PDF 527.12 KB, Jun 2015)

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