Government statement on Financial Capability

The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Paul Goldsmith has issued a government statement to reinforce the contribution financial capability makes to the goal of everyone getting ahead financially.

“Building the financial capability of New Zealanders is a priority for the Government.  It will help us improve the wellbeing of our families and communities, reduce hardship, increase investment, and grow the economy.”

Government agencies will be working more collaboratively, including financial capability outcomes as a consideration in service delivery and will be looking to increase the work with industry and the community for better results.    The government statement recognises that building financial capability is a shared responsibility and that everyone has a part to play.    It also recognises that financial capability is built at home, at school, in workplaces and elsewhere in the community. 

The cross government financial capability network:

national strategy for financial capability wheel


The government statement highlights The National Strategy for Financial Capability led by the Commission for Financial Capability and the Investor Capability Strategy led by the Financial Markets Authority as frameworks for to align collective effort.

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