The Plan pillar aims to ensure that everyone has a financial plan and is prepared for the unexpected. It’s about knowing where you want to be, what success looks like, and making a plan to get there.

For more information about Plan and our other pillars, please download the National Strategy document by clicking the image below.

Talk National Strategy for Financial Capability June 2015 4
Download the document for more information.

Sorted Website

CFFC's award-winning Sorted website is a trusted resource that New Zealanders visited over 1.8 million times last year. Packed with information, calculators, and tools, including the Kiwisaver Fund Finder, Sorted helps New Zealanders to tackle debt, sort their everyday finances and plan for their future.



June 2018 saw FMA’s approving the first application to provide personalised digital advice – often referred to as robo-advice. Digital advice is automated advice generated by a computer program using algorithms. Up until now only humans have been allowed to offer personalised financial advice so it’s hoped offering a digital option will make advice more accessible. The FMA’s website has a list of people and organisations who have been approved to offer personalised, digital, financial advice.

Check out FMA’s licensing list here.

Aftermath of Fraud

To help fraud victims get their lives back on track, the ‘Aftermath of Fraud’ resource has been developed by CFFC and the NZ Police. The resource is being widely distributed including to commercial banks, Age Concern, and organisations like Probus to support anyone affected by fraud.

For more information click on this link.

Sorted workplaces

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are joining Sorted Workplace because staff who are in good financial shape stay in better physical health too. For employers, that means less time off work and increased productivity. CFFC created the Sorted Workplace programmes so employers can get their staff up to speed with personal finance and money management. Running for anywhere between 4-10 weeks, employers select either an off-the-shelf option, or have the course tailored to their unique needs.