Snapshot Survey

Our annual National Strategy snapshot survey helps us to find out more about the wealth of work that is being done to improve New Zealanders’ financial capability.

Our second 2016-2017 survey reported a total of 130 organisations that supported or contributed to the National Strategy. This includes 241 financial capability initiatives being delivered and 89,100 people taking part. You can download the survey here.

Join our 2018 survey!

CFFC wants to hear from any organisation that is involved in initiatives designed to help people make informed judgements and take effective decisions around the use and management of their money.

The initiatives can also include any work programmes that have been created to encourage collaboration, connection or networking around building financial capability.

All the entries will be included on a public list that will contribute to the National Strategy for Financial Capability.

The survey will close at the end of June.

If you’d like to take part click on this link to fill out the survey >>