Specialist Content Provider

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Why we are contracting a specialist educational content provider:

We've made a number of commitments to our school partners. To ensure we meet and honour these commitments the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) is engaging a specialist educational provider to work with us to develop initial content that can then be improved and enhanced with school and teacher input through the co-design process.

Our commitments are:

  1. We won't waste your time - your involvement will be limited to guiding how the content is designed and how it works, and to test the result with your students. 
  2. We will do the heavy lifting on content creation - but it will always be guided by teachers and teaching experts.
  3. NZQA quality assurance - we will work with NZQA to ensure content meets their required standards so that you know that it's safe to use in your teaching.
  4. We will listen - this will be a programme for teachers, by teachers.
  5. We will minimise your effort - and make your engagement as easy as possible. 
  6. Content will have exemplar answers - to help make assessment easier.
  7. Free to schools - the result of our work will be free to all schools. 


The RFP process
The Request For Proposal for the development of Financial Capability Learning Opportunities closed on April 13. We intend to announce our chosen provider in May, and expect development of the first learning package to kick off shortly after. Our aim is to deliver the first package to our partner schools ready for class trials in Term 3.


Quality Assurance Group (QAG)
The Quality Assurance Group (QAG) will oversee the scoping, feedback, evaluation and quality assurance of the development and implementation of the programme. This means they will have considerable input in the shape of the programme. We will continue to do the heavy lifting in content creation in partnership with the contracted specialist content provider.

Note: there are two positions on the QAG for teacher representatives and we invite teachers, who have approval from their school principal for this involvement, to express interest in joining this group.