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Financial capability as part of learning at school

Young people know financial capability matters for their futures. They recognise that knowing what money is for, how it works and how to make it work for them is important, because it is about having choices and resilience.

The financial world is now more complex with money less tangible than ever before. Young people have access to credit and are likely to borrow large sums of money for tertiary study. They’re at greater risk of costly lending and online pressures to spend in ways previous generations have not been. Government support for their retirement years will look vastly different. Young people need to develop strong financial skills and habits, and have the confidence to make informed financial decisions. 

Many educators recognise that learning about money is an essential life skill, but it’s not a priority in many New Zealand schools. The skills, knowledge, behaviours and motivations to do with how we use money are captured in the New Zealand Curriculum as a competency called ‘financial capability’. This is supported by the Ministry of Education via TKI Financial Capability.

Schools are in a great position to boost the TALK and LEARN action areas of New Zealand’s National Strategy for Financial Capability.


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