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Sorted Schools

In New Zealand there are two clusters of schools working together to embed financial capability across the curriculum. These are the Upper Harbour Sorted Schools (North Shore, Auckland) and South Auckland Sorted Schools.

Upper Harbour Sorted Schools

The Upper Harbour Sorted Schools (UHSS) is a cluster of nine north Auckland schools. This initiative was organised by the Commission for Financial Capability. The aim was to improve engagement with financial capability across an entire school: teachers, students, and the surrounding community. There was a shared curiosity to test a learning network approach. Could working collaboratively across the different levels of schooling – where teachers from primary who often never meet or work with secondary teachers, and vice versa – be an effective way to change how students learn about money? Could UHSS create sustainable learning pathways that include financial capability in their communities?

In Money Week 2016 a collection of resources from the Commission’s UHSSC project were added to the TKI Financial Capability pages. The collection has been curated for alignment with the NZC by CORE Education, under Financial Capability in Action”. In this section, you will find ideas, stories, templates, and lesson plans developed by the UHSS school cluster. This material has been shared to help you build a stronger focus on financial capability in your own school settings.

Many thanks to all of those involved, and the Ministry of Education for this unique collaboration. 


Sorted in Schools - Albany Junior High School


Sorted Schools - Takapuna Grammar School


Second cluster

South Auckland Sorted Schools (SASS) was developed in 2015. Nine schools in the South Auckland area are now collaborating around their shared financial capability and we hope to share their story with you in the future. The goals of the SASS initiative include:

Cluster Goal 1: Increase student financial capability and confidence

Cluster Goal 2: Increase teacher financial capability and confidence

Cluster Goal 3: Provide opportunities for whānau/community to improve financial capability and confidence through real life contexts

Cluster Goal 4: Enhance collaborative practices in schools and cluster-wide for developing financial capability.



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