Meet the Sorted in Schools Team

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An experienced group of professionals has come together to drive the Sorted in Schools programme in partnership with teachers, ensuring it moves from concept to classroom in timely fashion.


Diane Maxwell | Retirement Commissioner

sis teamphoto dianeWhen you hear the title 'retirement commissioner' you probably wouldn't picture someone on a longboard flying past you down the street. It's one of the ways Diane likes to spend time with her young family, which is fitting as her goal as commissioner is to improve the financial wellbeing of people of all ages, not just retirees. Previously she was at the financial markets conduct regulator, the FMA, but her interest in financial capability began during her five years at Bank of New Zealand.

Diane's vision is that by 2021, Sorted in Schools will ensure the accessibility of financial capability education for all learners in Years 9-13. The programme will be delivered with an equitable focus on Māori and Pacific learners.


David Boyle | General Manager - Education

sis teamphoto davidIf you ever visit the Commission for Financial Capability's offices and hear music blaring, that'll be David. He harbours dreams of becoming a radio DJ and when he's not focusing on education or helping people prepare for life after work he's elbowing his way to the front of mosh pits at gigs up and down the country. Before he joined the CFFC he was GM Distribution Funds Management for ANZ Wealth and has more than 30 years' experience in the financial services industry.

David is overseeing the Sorted in Schools programme on behalf of the CFFC. As a parent of two children now in their 20s, he knows first hand the value of financial capability education for teenagers. Combined with his professional experience in financial services, David assists in building the 'big picture' aims of Sorted in Schools.


Kelly Gay | National Manager - Schools

sis teamphoto kelly 2Kelly recently joined the Commission for Financial Capability as National Manager - Schools. He's been involved in school-to-tertiary education for about 7 years and was a senior executive in the polytechnic sector for 10 years, but has also worked closely with Private Training Enterprises and not for profit social service sector.

During his career Kelly developed a deep concern about the anxiety many of our young people report suffering from. He developed a real and enduring interest in helping young people prepare for their lives, and is a strong believer in the importance of education in transforming people's lives for the better. His close work with teachers and educators has also given him insight into the workload and pressure on our teaching profession. His commitment to the Sorted in Schools programme is therefore to support our educators, rather than tell them what to do.

Kelly is the proud dad of three. He has an interest in strategy, change management, education and history and is easily bribed with coffee…


Tista Lythe | Operations Manager - Schools

sis teamphoto tistaTista has over 18 years of experience in education, research and evaluation, and has an extensive background in working with high profile clients across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors including many government agencies, delivering major education improvement programmes and evaluation services. Tista brings a wealth of experience and knowledge around not only New Zealand but many international education systems and has a deep knowledge of schooling improvement initiatives with a specific focus on operationalising evaluation.

Tista has most recently worked as a senior operations consultant for Visible Learningplus where she has supported schools in the implementation and management of assessment data. In addition, she has focused extensively on evaluating the impact of education interventions. 

Tista is also a certified make-up artist, and outside of work enjoys this hobby between spending time with her young family.


Adrian Parkyn | Communications Manager - Schools

sis teamphoto adrianAdrian's marketing and communications experience includes managing the Ministry of Education's Team-Up and Te Mana programmes. These programmes encouraged parents and whānau to help their children learn. More recently Adrian has been at Careers New Zealand (CNZ) where he developed a new coordinated strategy to engage and bring forth meaningful employer participation in the education-to-career pathways of young New Zealanders. At CNZ he also led a review of the suite of 10 interactive tools provided to help young people 'self-manage' their various career development tasks. Other experience includes a three-year stint at Kiwibank, responsible for the marketing of RealMe (a digital service that allows people to easily and securely prove their identity online).

Adrian's personal interest in financial literacy and capability includes having set up and operated a share club over a 10-year period. He is a member of the New Zealand Shareholders Association and is a committee member of its Wellington branch.

The things he loves doing in his spare time are swimming (and having coffee afterwards with his swim group), DIY (currently deep into a garage project) and savouring the occasional craft beer with friends.