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Confusion reigns on member tax credits

New research has uncovered confusion and misunderstanding that prevents hundreds of thousands of Kiwis from getting the best out of their KiwiSaver and improving their long-term financial wellbeing.

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Village residents seek constructive solutions

29-08-2017 Retirement Villages

Close to 35 residents of Waikato retirement villages met with the Commission to discuss industry issues.

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On the shoulders of others

15-08-2017 Money Week

A group of well-known New Zealanders have joined together in a video series aimed at getting people thinking about debt.

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“Be a smart alien and do the maths”

14-08-2017 Money Week

New research has uncovered fresh insights into New Zealanders’ attitudes towards debt.

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CFFC and Media Design School collaborate on Be Royal campaign for Money Week

11-08-2017 Money Week

A group of design students from Auckland will see their work featured around the country in a new initiative to get young people focusing on debt.

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What does debt do for you?

07-08-2017 Money Week

Sorted Money Week gets underway next week with a new focus this year: debt.

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What is money for? It depends who you ask

02-08-2017 Education

Money means different things to us all, as our latest Tales from the Tent video clips demonstrate.

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The juggling’s over

Women across New Zealand, stop everything, rally together and get your futures sorted. We’ve got two events just for you.

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