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View from the Top: Reflection

27-08-2015 Real lives

Born in Christchurch just after the first world war, Diana Gunn still treasures her Listener subscription, and remains sharp as a tack.

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Get savvy about switching

With dozens of providers offering close to 200 KiwiSaver funds, the choices can be overwhelming.

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What does a wealthy life look like?

25-08-2015 Money Week

The Commission for Financial Capability is launching an online photo competition as part of Money Week 2015.

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View from the Top: Endeavour

25-08-2015 Real lives

Doris Follows is a real social butterfly, she's frequently seen out and about, from visiting family in Auckland to theatre outings in Christchurch. She still endeavours to mow her own lawn, but doesn’t mind getting some help with the weeding.

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Money Week 2015: Bigger, better, bolder

24-08-2015 Money Week

Money Week 2015 is almost upon us, with a schedule that is bigger than ever.

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CFFC Summit videos: Elaine Kempson and Deborah Battell

Continuing our series of videos from our Financial Capability Summit, we have two more to share.

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Adjusting to life after work

17-08-2015 Real lives

Three women with a love for language and an eye on the future have been giving their insights into life after work.

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Money management courses galore this Money Week

13-08-2015 Money Week

From budgeting courses to investing seminars, Money Week event listings are flooding in and there’s something for everyone in 2015.

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