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On the shoulders of others

Posted to Money Week on 15-08-2017

A group of well-known New Zealanders have joined together in a video series aimed at getting people thinking about debt.

For the first time, the Commission for Financial Capability has linked up with the Reserve Bank to produce the videos.

The “Take note” series is made up of five short videos, with each presenter linked to the person featured on a particular bank note.

Alexander Stevens, the Commission’s Manukura, said: “We looked for a personal link between each of the two, so they could tell their story in a way that we think everyone can relate to. 

“By standing on the shoulders of others and thinking about the great things they have achieved, we hope it will inspire New Zealanders to think about their money and what debt does for them.”

The Commission has also brought together five well known banks to work on a second video series aimed at helping our Māori and Pacific communities talk about debt.

Māori and Pacific members of staff from each bank appear in the “Birds of a feather” series, which uses the native birds featured on current and previous New Zealand bank notes.

Alexander added: “The idea was to find a new way of connecting with people. Most New Zealanders deal with a bank, so it seemed a great opportunity to be able to reach as many people as possible.”

The “Take note” and “Birds of a feather” series follow the “Making sense of cents” series that the Commission released as part of last year’s Money Week.

“Making sense of cents” was designed to encourage people in the Māori community to find as many ways as possible to korero (talk) about money.

Like “Take note”, it featured a range of people sharing stories linked to the images on coins, instead of notes.

The people featured in “Take Note” are:

  • $5 Sir Edmund Hillary: Peter Hillary
  • $10 Kate Sheppard: Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell
  • $20 the Queen: Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy
  • $50 Sir Apirana Ngata: great-great granddaughter Mihi Ngata
  • $100 Ernest Rutherford: Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize winner Dianne Christenson 

The videos can be viewed here on YouTube.



What is Sorted Money Week all about?

Sorted Money Week is an annual series of events across New Zealand that focus on financial capability.

Our new-look Sorted Money Week website has information and resources. You can ask questions or share your experiences and tips about debt on the Sorted Community Forum.

Keep an eye on #MoneyWeekNZ and for regular updates on Money Week.  

The Commission has a series of other events lined up including:

  • Tues 15 August: Pacific Women and Money Fono (Auckland)
  • Weds 16 August: I’ll have what she’s having! women’s event (Auckland)
  • Thurs 17 August: Cooking up ways to combat debt – pop-up restaurant challenge (Auckland)
  • Fri 18 August: “Tales from the Tent” tackles student debt (Wellington)

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