New Year, fresh start

Tom talks money tips

Tom talks money tips

CFFC's Managing Editor Tom Hartmann shared his tips on how to get your finances sorted for the year on TV One's Breakfast programme on Tuesday, January 22. 

Hartmann pointed viewers to the six steps for getting ahead financially on, which is powered by CFFC.

"Number one is starting to save a safety net, because we all know that sometime this year something unexpected will happen," says Hartmann. "It could be a pet emergency or a car breakdown ... having some money tucked away as a safety net will prevent you falling into debt."

Other steps including getting your KiwiSaver set up right for your circumstances, tackling debt, choosing insurance, running your retirement numbers and setting goals.

Hartmann says setting money aside for fun is also important, and ultimately, getting your finances sorted will mean more freedom. 

"Life is for living and money is for wellbeing - getting your money sorted is about having more fun with it, not less."

He acknowledges that fear and anxiety can inhibit people dealing with their money issues, but just talking about money can help ease that stress. 

"Discussing money openly with our family is key - you can work together on keeping things positive and moving in the right direction."

People might be surprised at how much sorting their finances improves their life and sense of wellbeing. 

"If you look at most of the things in life that affect our wellbeing, money touches on all of them, so getting your finances sorted will improve your life overall."