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A report to government like you've never seen

The 2016 Review of Retirement Income Policies covered seven themes spread across seven months: KiwiSaver, decumulation, ageing workforce, who pays for what, vulnerable groups, who gets what and international picture.

Each month has been represented by a one minute animated video. Click on the videos that interest you and you’ll be able to dig deeper, unearthing submissions, white papers, research, stats, interviews, media stories and recommendations – 226 pieces of content in total. You can see exactly what you’ll find by clicking on the list of contents that goes with each video.


KiwiSaver Wirewax

KiwiSaver content guide


Decumulation Wirewax

Decumulation content guide


 Ageing Workforce Wirewax

Ageing Workforce content guide


Who Pays For What Wirewax

Who Pays For What? content guide


Vunerable Groups Wirewax

Vulnerable Groups content guide


Who Gets What Wirewax

Who Gets What? content guide


International Picture Wirewax

International Picture content guide


Alternatively, click the image below to explore the whole package in full.


Toys talk retirement - CFFC 2016