2019 Review of Retirement Income Policies

Reviews & Reports

2019 marks the undertaking of the Retirement Commissioner's three-yearly Review of Retirement Income Policies. The overall objective of the review is to advise government on options to ensure all New Zealanders have a good standard of living as they age, both now and in the future. The Terms of Reference reflect this dual lens; they are available here. The Terms raise questions as to what ‘retirement’ means, what good retirement is, and what vulnerability in retirement means. These and other questions will be actively explored through the review.

Better outcomes through consultation

Retired couple stock shotIt is clear that achieving better outcomes for older New Zealanders now and in the future requires action, innovation and enduring commitment from government, communities, employers, whānau and individuals. Ageing and retirement issues affect all New Zealanders; it is important that voices from a diverse range of communities, with different models to offer, continue to be amplified to government.

For the 2019 review, we will therefore continue to build the research and evidence base while at the same time seeking to engage as widely as possible, so that we reflect in the report to government a broad range of New Zealanders’ specialist and general views both as to their experiences of retirement now and their expectations for the future. We will also look to include options in the report that keep dialogue building between review cycles.

Watch this space…

We are underway with research now; within the coming months, we will profile themes and findings as they start to emerge. This will be followed by an extensive public engagement phase, which we expect to commence from August. There will be plenty of opportunity for all interested parties to engage with the review, make submissions, and have their voices heard. Together we will help ensure New Zealand’s retirement policies are fit for purpose to enable everyone to be best placed to enjoy the retirement they deserve, now and in the years to come.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to register your interest in the review by adding your name to our database.