We all know that saving for retirement is important. KiwiSaver can be a great way to start. 

For most of us saving a little on a regular basis over a long time (while not very exciting) will help build up a great little nest egg.  KiwiSaver has been designed to get you started and makes it easy to save from your pay – in fact you don’t have to be employed to join KiwiSaver – and still be eligible for some of the benefits.

It's never too early (or late for that matter if you are under 65) to join KiwiSaver and take up some of the advantages that it has to offer. That said, your current circumstances might not allow you to join KiwiSaver today but it is really important to review your circumstances regularly. Our Sorted site might be able to help you work out when might be a good time to join KiwiSaver.