CFFC Affiliated Facilitators

Who delivers our Sorted at Work programme?

CFFC affiliated facilitators

Our qualified and experienced CFFC affiliated facilitators skilfully deliver the suite of options available to you through our Sorted at Work programme. They have been trained through the CFFC quality assurance framework. With a number of facilitators located throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand, when you choose from our programme offerings, we can match a local facilitator to your organisation and delivery requirements.

In keeping with our Sorted at Work kaupapa, CFFC affiliated facilitators are independent, neutral and impartial. They:

  • do not give financial advice

  • do not endorse or dismiss any specific products, services or beliefs

  • do not offer to make specific referrals to product/service providers, financial or otherwise

  • come from a variety of personal, professional and cultural backgrounds.

  • Auckland

    Andy Britton
    Bryce Wilson
    Christine Liggins
    Debra Knox
    Dennis Edel
    Geoff Fariu
    Hazel Baldeston
    Issac Liava'a
    Joanna Hayman
    Ngaire Newland

  • Wellington

    Heather Allott
    Gillian Christie
    John Stapleton
    Mary Lewis
    Peter Jackson


  • Tauranga

    Sharon Giblett
    Sylvia Bowden


  • North Island - Other

    Diana Walklate
    Esther Garland
    Fionna Farquhar
    Jeanette Hall
    Kara Northcott
    Lara Meyer
    Natasha Willison-Reardon
    Sarah Delany
    Saran Read
    Valerie West


  • Christchurch

    Scott Stokes
    Richard Holden
    Unicia Veer
  • South Island - Other

    Mylrea Bell
    Lisa Dyer

Interested in becoming a CFFC affiliated facilitator?

If you are an outstanding facilitator with a passion for delivering financial capability training and have a desire to help people transform their lives, take a read of our selection process and criteria. If this sounds like you, fill out our application form and submit it together with your CV to

Our facilitators work locally to where our client workplaces are situated throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand. Thus, our recruiting needs are dependent on whether we have enough facilitators in that area to meet need. At the moment we are particularly keen to hear from applicants in: New Plymouth, Gisborne, Nelson, Woodbourne, and Blenheim.

Quality assurance framework

CFFC has developed a quality assurance framework for affiliated facilitators. It sets our standards and enables assessment of the facilitation process of the Sorted at Work programme. Our framework enables us to ensure best practice facilitation. Our facilitator quality assurance framework has been professionally peer-reviewed by a NZQA accredited provider and independent NZQA moderator. Our facilitators are evaluated in several ways, so we can be sure they continually meet the standards required to deliver our Sorted at Work programme. Our facilitators demonstrate impartiality and distinguish between information and advice when delivering.