Live Sorted

Since 2001, CFFC's brand Sorted has become a trusted source of free, impartial and independent financial information and resources for the more than 1 million New Zealanders who use it every year.

Sorted aims to help New Zealanders move through their day-to-day lives with a feeling of confidence and ease, inspired and enabled to live well financially now and in the future – to live sorted.

It provides practical help with tools and guides that enable users to tackle debt, plan and budget, save and invest, dial up their KiwiSaver, plan for retirement, protect what's important, and manage a mortgage. More than that, it provides small doses of daily inspiration to spur New Zealanders along their journey to their best financial future and, ultimately, a retirement of choice and freedom.

Sorted is used through CFFC’s face-to-face courses in communities and at workplaces, through the newly launched Sorted in Schools programme and Sorted Sessions online learning platform. Wherever and whenever New Zealanders want to take control of their money and plan their future, Sorted is there to help.