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Choose from one or more of the options available under the Sorted workplace courses or seminars.  Unsure of what selection to make? No problem! 

Our Dignostic tool can help ensure we select the right programme to suit the needs of your employees. If you'd like to know more, please contact us:

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Sorted workplace courses

Sorted workplace courses are designed to support the financial capability of your employees. Whether they need to start with the basics, or are ready to take their financial choices further, the courses are designed to cover this diversity. The courses are delivered by our CFFC affiliated facilitators over several days or can be delivered over a number of weeks. Take your employees on the whole journey or choose from any number of the options to support your workplace requirements:

Get ahead | 3 days or 8 weeks
Take control of your financial future
Sort out your money, tackle that debt and start to see your future – gaining confidence and control over your finances

Get sorted | 2 days or 6 weeks
Own your financial future
You’re on your way to having a financially sorted life here’s how to get further ahead and have your money work for you.

Get invested | 1.5 days or 4 weeks
Fund your financial future
Soar to greater heights with savvy investing – how to build wealth safely and spread your risk.

Sorted workplace seminars

Sorted workplace seminars are short format interactive sessions focussing on specific topics. They are delivered by our CFFC affiliated facilitators. The seminars provide an introduction to the Sorted workplace courses or can be offered as stand alone options:

Financing a home | 2 hours 
This seminar covers how to grow a house deposit and who can help you with buying your first home, the right mortgage for you, the sales and purchase process and the fundamentals of financing a home.

Fighting fit | 2.5 hours 
This seminar covers key tips and tricks to build financial skills, including: money attitudes, needs and wants, spending diaries, budgeting, money systems, goals, emergency funds, compounding interest, true cost of credit and insurances.

Money bites series | 1 hour x 6
The money bites series will be available in early 2019. Each session covers one of the following six topics: 

  • Money Mind
  • Spending
  • Debt
  • Insurance and Wills  
  • Kiwisaver and Retirement
  • Saving and Investing