Research & reports

Financial capability research 

Our research and evaluation continue to give us a deeper understanding of the levels of financial capability in New Zealand. Research projects include the Current State of Knowledge, Financial Knowledge and Behaviour Survey, and the Financial Behaviour Index.

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Review of retirement income policies

Focusing on the Future is the 2013 review of retirement income policies report.

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Corporate reports

The Commission for Financial Capability produces reports on its operation and performance, including Statements of Intent, Statements of Performance Expectations and Annual Reports.

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Other papers and reports

Retirement income in New Zealand

Expectations for and experience of retirement (PDF 2.16MB, Sep 2015). CFFC, FMA and Colmar Brunton. 

Mixed messages: the future direction of New Zealand's retirement income policies (PDF 714.36 KB, Sep 2013). Roger Hurnard (2011) (a conference paper sponsored by the Commission).

Conference papers: Retirement Income Policy and Intergenerational Equity Conference, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS), Victoria University of Wellington (2010).

The conference papers are also available for purchase in book form on the IGPS Publications website.

Review of Retirement Income Policies, Home Equity Release Products in New Zealand: Risks and Opportunities, Report to Retirement Commission for the New Zealand Institute for Research on Ageing (PDF 534.69 KB, Feb 2013). Judith Davey (2007).

The Policy Implications of Decumulation in Retirement in New Zealand (PDF 440.77 KB, Feb 2013). A background paper setting out the issues prepared for the Commission. Susan St John (2006).

Home Equity Release Schemes in New Zealand: Consumer Perspectives, Final Report on Research for the Retirement Commission and the Office for Senior Citizens (PDF 575.41 KB, Feb 2013). Judith Davey & Virginia Wilton (2006).

Retirement income internationally

Financial wellbeing: Concerns and choices among older Australians, June 2012 (PDF, 2.16 MB)

Life after work? Older entrepreneurship in London – Motivations and Barriers, Jan 2012

Financial services for Māori

Goal 3:Financial Literacy and Savings, Snapshot of financial literacy services for Māori from He kai kei aku ringa, The Crown-Māori Economic Growth Partnership.

Te Mängai Penapena Pütea – Financial Literacy and Savings Partner Working Group: Whänau and Low-Income Household Savings Report 

Empowering Women Through Financial Awareness

This report, initiated by the OECD, describes the findings of a review of the literature on gender differences in financial literacy with the aim of better understanding their causes and consequences, as well as identifying possible policy responses.

Empowering Women Through Financial Awareness (PDF 947.1 KB)