Key activities and goals

The Commission has key activities and goals, reporting structures and a wide range of stakeholders.

The Commission’s key activities are providing financial education and carrying out regular reviews of retirement income policy. Through these the Commission contributes to four key goals for New Zealand:

  • New Zealanders are better educated and motivated to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives.
  • New Zealanders have more trust in the financial services sector.
  • New Zealand’s retirement income policy is stable and effective.
  • The legislative framework for retirement villages is effective in protecting residents and meets societal expectations, and the sector is compliant with the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

Who we report to

We are responsible to two Ministers: the Minister of Commerce and the Minister for Building and Construction, who is the Minister responsible for the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

Our work is also of interest to other Ministers. We keep the Minister for Social Development and Employment (the Minister  responsible for the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001) informed about our work in retirement income research and monitoring, and the Minister of Education informed about our work in schools and tertiary institutions.

Who we work with

As well as working closely with several Ministers and Members of Parliament, we partner with many organisations and groups to work towards our shared goals for New Zealand. Our stakeholders include:

  • Government agencies
  • International organisations
  • Finance sector
  • Education sector
  • Workplace groups and organisations
  • Community groups and organisations
  • Research community